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Tuesday, March 27, 2007

go... cougars!

Recently I was shocked, thrilled and surprised to learn that one of my sister's best friends, Shannon, was applying to BYU. Why was I so surprised? Because Shannon isn't a member of the church. Unfortunately, she didn't get in.

Okay, I get that BYU is a church school. So they can't admit every non-LDS person that applies. But Shannon is definitely "the one" that should be admitted. Her grades are awesome... they've never dipped below a 3.5, but I think they around 3.9 these days (she's been on the honor roll all four years of high school). She participated in swim team, works a part-time job (nearly 30 hours/ week), and has been involved in girls scouts and meals on wheels. She is truly a very genuine person, who has always been kind and extremely grateful. Watching her grow up has been an inspiration to me. At several points in her life she has had the opportunity to make some very bad choices, but she has always risen to the occasion.

Shannon has applied to several other schools (including Cal State Long Beach & San Diego, Cal Poly & UC Santa Cruz). Every other school has offered to accept her. But, the only place she truly wants to go is BYU. I know BYU has like a bizillion applicants. And I am sure that they are all well qualified: good grades, great test scores, seminary graduates, extra curriculars galore, and service to boot. But this would be good for Shannon, probably great for her, in fact, it would most likely be life changing. I just wish there was something I could do to change the situation. Part of me wants to write BYU admissions, another part of me wants to call them up, I just need to do something! There has got to be a way to get her in! I've heard several stories from people about being rejected from BYU, and then later getting a letter saying "come on down!" Any suggestion out there on how to change Shannon's fate?


Leslie said...

i remember a certain non-member friend of mine who BYU let in . . . oh wait! it was your husband! and BYU was so much better for having jeff there.
one of these days, i'll email you some of my pics from jeff's baptism.
email me at nhornfamATmsnDOTcom with your email address, and i'll send them along!

mama jo said...

i sure hope shannon reads this...that was really nice...and i agree completely...maybe that's why i went to the "U"...just kidding.....

Lucy said...

Several of my brothers and sisters went to BYU and it is very hard to get in member or not. One trick that my siblings learned was to apply to summer school. You get your foot in the door and can get into the regular school year that way.

zeeny said...

I don't know if this is too late but I had a similar situation as your friends (I am a member though). My mom called and found out you could appeal a decision and a group meets every week to discuses if these students will get in. The lady actually told my mom that they save spots for students who appeal their situation. That was in 97 though and I don't know if things are different. Good Luck.