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Friday, November 30, 2007

you're invited...

saturday, december 8th, i am going to be participating in a holiday boutique with THIS amazing gal, as well as several other incredibly talented ladies... & you all are invited!

we'll be featuring lots of
handmade goods, holiday gift
ideas, gourmet sweets, home accessories, goodies for baby, stationary & many more one of a kind craft items.

so, consider this your personal invitation. if you're in the area, we'd love to have you drop in, take a look around & stop for a chat. be sure to tell your friends, neighbors, cousins, great aunts & anyone else you can think of. you know it's going to be good! i can't wait. it's going to be so much fun & i'm so looking forward to putting faces with so many names!

here are all the particulars...
what: holiday boutique
when: saturday, december 8th, 10am - 5pm
where: 1361 & 1372 Sierra Alta, Tustin, CA

see you there!

image via flickr

making their debut...

there is something (or rather "things") new in the shop. but before i get to that, i just want to say a heart felt thank you! never, never, never in a zillion years, would i have thought that i would have some much success, so quickly! i toyed with the idea of opening the shop for practically ages. but i was too scared. finally i bit the bullet & heavens! the support & encouragement i have received has been nothing short of awe-inspiring. i've actually sold things in the shop, people actually like my things! but even more incredible, has been the onslaught of custom orders via my email... i hung up my "open for business" sign & suddenly i was receiving so many emails requesting custom made pieces. i love it! & i love all of you for making this happen! thank you! thank you! thank you!

now (drum roll please), may i introduce...
the all of my love necklace & wear your heart on your wrist bracelet

Thursday, November 29, 2007

i'm totally going to be in trouble for this one...

but it's too funny, i couldn't resist! people are always telling jeff he looks like will ferrell. (he's even had people who actually know will, tell him (jeff) how alike they really look.) what scares me sometimes, is how good he is at impersonating him. so when i saw THIS over at laurie's blog, i couldn't resist making an elf out of jeff. (he's always wanted to be "buddy the elf" for halloween, so this is really just a preview of next year's possible cosume.) you can "elf yourself" too! just go HERE.

i have an addiction & am currently seeking help.

but i just can't stop loving purses & bags. i stumbled across THIS one & it might be a new favorite. i'm always looking for a good "carry-on" bag, & this one looks like it fits the bill. definitely a perfect "travel" bag. & at $78, much more likely to become reality for me, as opposed to the one HERE that i've been lusting over.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

by the way, just a little update.

i finally made it to the 5:30 am spin class. broken water pipe & all... & it was totally worth it. i can't wait to go back on friday.

it's kinda like my theme song...

although it's not so much a song, but a quote. so i guess it's more like my mantra. "keep calm, carry on". this message helped the brits make it through WWII, just as it helps me make it through my life, daily. what fun it would be to find THIS poster wrapped prettily under the tree, just for me. although, the POSTCARDS would be just as fun.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

not to brag or anything...

but thanksgiving in mexico was absolutely wonderful! incredible views, good food, white sandy beaches, refreshing pools, what's not to love? we spent our days sipping frothy strawberry & coconut smoothies by the pool, building sand castles at the beach, drifting in the lazy river & watching the sunset from the hot tub. everyone had a great time, especially the kids (they are getting to be such good little travelers!). here are some of my favorite pictures...

Monday, November 26, 2007


in the target
dollar bin. filled with movie theater gift cards, gift certificates to a local rental place, maybe a favorite dvd, or even a membership to netflix & some fun movie treats (my personal favorites are popcorn & junior mints), these babies are a perfect gift... friends, neighbors, co-workers. who
doesn't enjoy a good flick?

bling! bling!

i love jewelry, who doesn't? this year for christmas i have my eye on a thing or two from this beautiful shop (hint! hint! jeff, or anyone else wanting to send me gifts.). what's on my wish list you might ask?

gold & silver organic stacking rings (size 6 please!)
hammered gold bangles
hammered silver bangles
& i love THESE but it's probably more practical to go with THESE
(silver ones would be pretty too. or, maybe a mixture!)

'twas the month before christmas,

and all through the house
all the creatures were stirring,
especially the mouse;

the stockings were hung by the chimney with care,
in hopes that st. nicholas soon would be there;

if i were reading this aloud, ala book on tape, right now you would hear a loud "rewind effect", before i re-read "the stockings were hung by the chimney with care" because that's where i'm getting stuck, while trying to transform my home into a winter wonderland... for years i have had what you might call a "vision." i really want knit or crocheted stockings, you know, the ones that look like long socks. i LOVE the ones at sundance & the ones at pottery barn kids are pretty cute as well, but i don't think i can justify the price tag. i've been googling & etsying and no luck! silly me, i figured i'd find them all over the place! but they are either too cutesy for my taste, too small, or just don't even look like stockings (the measurements are all wrong). this is when i wish i was better at crocheting or knitting, then i could whip these babies out in a jiffy!

maybe it's not meant to be.

awhile back, i posted about the frustrations of waking up for an early morning (5:30 am) spin class, only to be denied because the class was already full. i don't know why it took me so long to get the courage needed to try again... maybe because i am scared of rejection? perhaps because i was embarrassed because last time i turned around & walked straight out of the gym (tail between my legs)? or maybe it's just because i'm lazy. whatever the reason, & it may have taken a couple of months, but last night i finally decided to give it a go again. so, taking after the big guy in the fluffy red suit, i made a list & checked it twice.

  • name already on the list (so i don't have to worry about being denied), CHECK
  • shoes out & ready at the door, CHECK
  • towel, CHECK
  • clothes ready, CHECK
  • alarm set for 4:45 am, CHECK
  • alarm turned ON... opps!
yep! i set the alarm & forgot to actually turn in ON. duh, blonde one! now i'll probably be banned from putting my name on the "list" ever again. is this ever going to work out? on the plus side... i did get to enjoy an early morning run sans children. the sun peaking out above the mountains, the cool, crisp air against my cheek & the opportunity to bundle up & really RUN, almost made up for my mistake.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

i'm thankful for...

with all the hustle & bustle surrounding holidays, sometimes it easy to forget what we are celebrating. although, the name thanksgiving pretty much says it all, i think it's important to remember that besides eating lots & lots of good food, spending time with our families & watching football, we should be giving thanks for all that we have & expressing our gratitude.

that's why this year my family is starting a new tradition (although they don't know it yet & i'm sure the announcement will be met with lots of groans). i'm planning on passing out these little "i'm thankful for..." cards before we sit down to eat & ask everyone to fill them out. then later on, while we are sitting 'round the table we will take turns reading them aloud. hopefully (but not really likely), everyone will take me seriously & participate. if not? oh well, at least i tried... i'd like to start this season of gratitude off by thanking paper source for this fun idea.

Monday, November 19, 2007

so we've established that i'm not cooking...

but what about you? more than likely you've already got the menu planned, done your grocery shopping & are ready for the big celbration. but, maybe you aren't?! are you still searching for that "prefect" recipe? tired of what you normally do & are looking for something new? well, even though i've never actually cooked a thanksgiving celebration, i've definitely got an idea or two...

i really like my no-fuss turkey recipe, but if your looking for something a bit more "hands on" why not give gabi's turkey & sausage stuffing a try? she promises that it's good. another stuffing that looks too good to pass up is pioneer woman's corn bread stuffing, you should really check it out! she also has a recipe for sweet potatoes that she describes as, and i quote "if you think you don’t like sweet potatoes, please—in the name of all that is good, holy, and fattening—give this a try. you’ll kiss yourself on the cheek the rest of your life. at least, you would if that were anatomically possible." with an endorsement like that, you gotta give them a try! hmmm! what else do you serve at thanksgiving? how about some cream cheese mashed potatoes? (i'm getting really hungry just writing this!) maybe some of kelly's creamed corn, the classic green bean casserole, some kid (& adult) friendly brown sugar glazed carrots, a big (& i mean really big, because they will go fast!) basket of lion house dinner rolls (best served with LOTS of honey butter, & one, if not all of lindsey's fabulous salads: mixed greens salad with strawberries and avocado, spinach salad with avocado and orange, or spinach salad with creamy apple poppy seed dressing. and what thanksgiving is complete with a jello pretzel "salad"? although i personally have never made one, they are always yummy. (i found this recipe on the internet. anyone have one that's better?) and finally on to my favorite part of any meal... desert! i'm sure you all have your favorites, but here are some newbies that are definitely worth trying! pumpkin gingerbread trifle & spice cake with coffee toffee crunch.

so what are some of your favorite thanksgiving day recipes?

& the tradition continues...

previously i've mentioned that we don't really "do" thanksgiving. i mean we celebrate it every year (that is if you count the steak dinner we had that time in manzanillo), but we don't "do" it in the traditional way. pretty much every year since my sophomore year in college we've gone away for thanksgiving. often times we go to hawaii, but we've also been know to head to places like disneyland. after the little travel snafu we encountered this past summer & all the hard work it took to get these in just three days (not an easy task at all), we figured we needed to get busy filling the pages of those spanking new passports with some foreign stamps. so saturday we packed our bags (and obviously the picture isn't of my bags, but a girl can dream can't she? who wouldn't want vintage louis vouitton luggage?), & headed of to mexico, punta mita to be exact. it's absolutely beautiful & there are bowls of chips & guacamole everywhere you look... definitely my version of heaven!

Sunday, November 18, 2007

did i pique your interest?

i'm sure you were dying to know what i did with THESE fabrics. well, even if you aren't all the interested (& you probably aren't) i'm posting pictures anyways. i was quite impressed with myself. i've pretty much self-taught myself to sew. well, not totally. i did take home ec in 7th grade & my mom helped me sew an "awesome" sundress that same year. but i pretty much hadn't touched a sewing machine in years. a couple of christmas' ago my mom must have been struggling for a present, because i ended up with a sewing machine, totally out of the blue. it probably sat in it's box for about a year before i finally decided to break it in. since then, i've been sewing non-stop. what takes people a jiffy, will probably take me hours because i don't know any of the "short cuts" & i keep trying things until i get it right. (think mitered corners... that one had me stumped for weeks!) anyway, as usual i'm rambling. but this project was my first attempt at actually using a pattern, which, by the way, did not make the process any easier. in fact, it was way harder. i obviously don't think in the same way that most people do, because trying to follow the pattern really had me scratching my head. i finally got the "princess poof" done & i'm pretty pleased. but now i think i can add sewing patterns to my ever growing list of things i'm scared of. they are right up their with turkeys & cook books. so without any further ado... kate's princess poof! happy birthday 'lil girl!

Friday, November 16, 2007

turkeys scare me.

not actual turkeys (like the bird), nor the thought of eating one (because they're yummy), but the thought of cooking one kind of freaks me out... you have to make sure it deftosted, you have to remember to remove the gizzards & whatever else may be hidden up inside the bird & they take forever to cook. it sounds like a lot of work.

but, this year we are going to be out-of-town for thanksgiving (as we have been every thanksgiving since i was in college). and although the hotels put on a pretty good spread, it's nice to have the real deal at home. that's why my mom started the tradition of having a "mini" thanksgiving prior to the real thing. with her out of town, it meant if i wanted to have it, i had to make it. rather than conquer my fears & actually "cooking" a turkey, i used a crock pot. which was great, as with most crock pot meals i just had to dump the ingredients in, let it cook all day & come dinner time we had a tasty turkey. no defrosting or gizzard grabbing required.

creamy mushroom turkey

1 (3-4 lb) boneless turkey roast, frozen or defrosted
* i used one of those 'lil boneless turkeys that you can find in the
freezer this time of year
2 cans (10.5 oz) creams of mushroom soup, condensed
1 can (4 oz) mushroom pieces, drained
1 envelope dry onion soup mix
1 cup sour cream

place turkey in a greased slow cooker. in a bowl, mix remaining ingredients, except sour cream, & spoon over turkey. cover & cook on low heat for 8-10 hours. an hour before serving, break turkey into large chunks with two forks. stir in sour cream. cover & cook for remaining hour.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

just a touch early for me.

okay, i get that to the retail world thanksgiving & christmas are basically one holiday. i've even heard it called "falliday". which is in & of itself, is a bit annoying, for me personally. there are basically just three holidays i decorate for: halloween, thanksgiving & christmas. & to be honest, the only reason i really decorate at all for thanksgiving, is because all i have to do is take down the witches & goblins, leave up the pumpkins from halloween & i'm set. but i do enjoy the lead up to christmas. & i like the fact that christmas has totally different decorations. i can finally put away the orange pumpkins & break out the red decor (which by the way is my favorite color.) so, you can imagine my frustrations when i walk into target the day after halloween to find the store itself decorated for christmas... not totally decorated mind you, but well on it's way. yet, i've learned to deal with the fact that stores & my tv commercials are ready for christmas, it's just a fact of life. but i do have a problem, when my neighbor's put up their christmas lights & actually turn them ON, well before thanksgiving has even happened! am i being a total scrooge?

sugar-cone cornucopia

Sugar cones
Store-bought decorator's icing (for optional name)
Fruit-shaped candies or cereal

1. for each cornucopia, tie a ribbon around the opening of a sugar cone. but, if you want to get "fancy": instead of just a regular shaped sugar cone filled with goodies, why not shape the cone into a real looking cornucopia? start by boiling a pot of water. you will need the steam to make the shape. take a regular sugar cone and place over the steam until pliable. do not let it get mushy. as it starts to "soften" place the pointy part of the cone over the edge of the pot so it takes a bended shape. do not let the cone get wet. once it is shaped, place it on wax paper and let it dry. you will have neat little curve to your cornucopia!

2. if adding a name (to use as a name card): with a tube of store-bought decorator's icing and a steady hand, squirt the name of a guest along the side of the cone.

3. fill the cones with candies, such as raspberry jellies, fruit-shaped sweets, marzipan fruits, candy corn and citrus slices. For an inexpensive alternative, use fruit-shaped cereal. Let the goodies spill out over the opening and around the cone.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

sugar & spice & everything nice.

as a mom to boys, whenever i get the chance to create something special for a little girl, i tend to go a little overboard. think lots of pink. which is funny, because, if i did have a girl, i don't think she would be a pink princess, or at least not by my doing. i envision all the cute "girly" stuff, but in shades of red & green. anyway, i'm totally digressing here. i was merely posting, in order to verbalize my hope, that THIS little girl likes pink... because that's what she's getting.

warning! adult content ahead...

actually, it's not really "adult" content, it's hardly even PG-13, but, i didn't want anyone shocked, when they read the word boobs!

anyway, i figured there's no better place to make a big announcement, this way EVERYONE can see & read it. yep, that's right, a BIG announcement is coming. i thought you all should know that it's official... after two kids, i no longer have boobs. not that i was heavily "stacked" prior to having children, but at least i didn't have indentations, like i do now. seriously?! what's up with this. i had heard rumors that this type of thing happened, but i brushed it off as "mothering myths". i guess i was wrong! so what's a girl to do? i have no problem with a little "surgical enhancement", but it's not exactly "in the budget" these days. in the mean time, am i going to have to resort to bra stuffing, like i did in junior high?

i don't know if i can resist!

ever since i first made martha's ultimate coconut cake, i've had a "thing" for layers. so when i spied this cake on the cover of sunset magazine, i immediately fell in love. i haven't made it yet, but it's definitely on my ta-da list! if you want to try it out too, go HERE for the spice cake with coffee toffee crunch recipe. yum, i can taste it already!

and the winner is...


so little miss kathryn, email me your particulars at accordingtokelly@gmail & i'll get to work on something special just for you!

special thanks to everyone who participated & to for picking my random number. thanks again for visiting my little shop, & be sure to check back for new items!


Monday, November 12, 2007

bare walls?

or maybe your just looking for a change. either way, maybe one of these ideas will inspire you & get your creative juices flowing...

you don't need museum-worthy pieces to create an arresting composition.... remnants of four graphic fabrics add drama when placed in metal frames & hung in a grid pattern. extending nearly the full width of the room, the pieces act like wallpaper. when choosing fabrics, stick to bold over scale patterns, as small florals will lose presence when viewed from afar.
as you read, the magazine (which one it was, i can't remember) suggested fabric, but this same look could easily be accomplished with scrapbook (or even wrapping paper) as well. imagine the possibilities! this would be perfect for bedroom (maybe mine?), or what about a craft studio?! already i have possibilities twirling in my head! but, if your looking for something that screams "classy"check out this next idea (be sure to click on the picture & enlarge it, this shot just doesn't do it justice!) :

a painting isn't the only work worthy of being centered above a mantel. a family tree becomes an artistic installation when its names, dates & birth places are exhibited in flowing calligraphy on card stock with a mat border. the family name is written in light ink on dark paper, while the revers is true for the surrounding "branches" of the genealogy chart. uniform frames with an antique finish add harmony to the display.
could be a beautiful addition to any room. but i really envision this "art" hanging near some silhouettes... like the ones mique is always talking about, over at nienie's house.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

turkey day is around the corner!

maybe we'll make these oreo cookie turkeys to get us in the "mood".

requires (for one turkey):

  • 2 oreo double stuff cookies
  • 1 malted milk balls (like a whopper)
  • 4-6 candy corn


twist 1 oreo cookie apart... try to keep all the "cream" on one side of the cookie. lay this cookie half (the one with the cream) chocolate side down, this will be the base.

take the 2nd oreo & place the whole oreo on its side (so it sticks straight up into the air) on the "cream" base.

in front of the oreo on its side, place a malted-milk ball for the turkeys head.

place candy corn, points down, in between the oreo cookie that is standing on it's side.

use a white tip of a candy corn for a beak & dab oreo cookie "cream" dots, using a toothpick, on the malt ball for eyes.

Friday, November 9, 2007

looking forward to...

saturday morning thinnies. known to the rest of the world as crepes, but to me & my family they are simply thinnies... the best saturday morning breakfast ever. growing up, my mom made them every saturday morning & i'm trying to continue the tradition. care to partake? here's our recipe:

2 eggs
1 1/2 cup milk
1 cup flour
2 tablespoons sugar
1/2 teaspoon salt
1 tablespoon oil

beat together until smooth. fry on high heat. (don't worry, it takes some practice flipping 'em, but you'll be a pro quick enough!)

we like to keep the toppings simple: butter & syrup or butter & granulated sugar... but the sky's really the limit. jam, lemon, nutella, chocolate sauce. you could top thinnies with just about anything & they'd be tasty!

have you voted?

isn't this the cutest picture ever? my gal sara is an incredible photographer. this picture is her entry for THIS contest. she had to "submit an image of you longing for an iPod while someone else in the frame is enjoying their iPod". i think she did a GREAT job, don't you agree? the picture definitely gets the message across in such a fun & creative way. plus, i love how vibrant the colors are & the expressions on their faces are classic! to read about how sara developed the whole "concept" go HERE. but before you do anything else, you most definitely have to go HERE & vote for her! help the girl win a nano she definitely deserves it & every vote counts!

my new favorite commerial.

call me crazy, but when THIS ad comes on the tube i actually stop pressing fast forward & hit play... my toes start tapping, my head bobs & i find myself humming along.

Thursday, November 8, 2007

i'm currently dreaming of....

this beautiful bag from anthropologie. having it on my arm could brighten any dreary winter day. i think it's just beautiful. i could probably stare at it all day... i just love the colors. maybe i'll save my pennies from the sales at my shop (sorry for the shameless plug) & buy it for myself as a present. (i feel a shopping trip coming on!) or, i could just make THIS bag instead... there's no sewing involved & it's reversible. wow! what a combination.

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

extra! extra! read all about it...

have you heard the news? shout it from the roof tops, tell your friends, invite your neighbors, send an email, post it on your blog. anything & everything that will get the word out. i want EVERYONE in the know... i'm taking the plunge, the etsy plunge that is! yep, i'm opening up my own little shop. so please, stop by & take a look around. there are prizes involved!

after checking out the shop, be sure to leave me a comment HERE, letting me know what you think. you never know, you might already be a winner! & don't forget to check the shop often, you never know what may "pop up" in there!

so here are the rules of the game:
* you have until midnight PST on sunday, november 11th to enter.
* simply make a comment on THIS post, telling me about your favorite thing in THIS shop, to enter.
* anonymous comments will be ignored unless accompanied by an email address.
* please, just one entry per person.
* the winner will be randomly picked & announced monday.

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

fall is in the air.

living in sunny california, we're always one of the last to notice the changing seasons. but lately, there's been a definite chill in the air. which means it's the perfect weather to curl up with a big, hot, steamy bowl of THIS. sure, you could pour some chicken noodle soup out of a can & heat it up on the stove. but it doesn't even compare! the secret is in the home made noodles. yum! i can taste them now, (maybe that's because i'm eating some as i type?!). but don't worry, the noodles are so easy to make. so give it a try, i doubt you'll ever buy that "canned" stuff again!

go speed racer, go!

my boys, enjoying owen's new birthday presents.

Monday, November 5, 2007

a new beginning.

all of my life, a sampler containing this proverb, has hung on the wall of my mother's bedroom. growing up, i read it nearly everyday. today, i probably think about it every day. whenever something goes wrong, or i don't quite accomplish everything on my ta-da list, i always remind myself that "tomorrow is a new day". not only is it new & fresh, but it's "the first day of the rest of your life!" although, i have to admit, that i reserve major lifestyle changes for mondays. i guess i'm just weird like that. i like lists & schedules & continuity.... to make a life altering change (say, like waking up at 6 am to go for a run), that's something i prefer to start on a monday. it just works out better that way & i have a greater chance of sticking to the new plan. (uh huh! i hope you all don't think i'm totally crazy now, because i'm probably only partially crazy) anyway... so that was the plan this week. no, not waking up at 6am to go running... but starting the rest of my life. i've been all out of whack lately & definitely have had way too many things going, sending me spinning in all kinds of directions. i feel like i've had to put my normal life on hold, in order to deal with all these distractions. so, here are just some of my confessions: the fact that my house looks like a hurricane came through; i haven't cooked dinner in what feels like forever; i can't remember the last time i went to the grocery store for more than just emergency "gotta have it now!" items; the laundry has piled so high i have to climb over it & my exercise regime is in the toilet. but, no more! "today is the first day of the rest of life" & i'm regaining control of my life. my activities & ta-da's are scheduled, my dinner menu is planned (just in case you are wondering, we are having this, this & this) & i've tackled the grocery store. now all that's left, is for me to bundle up & go for a run. but, it's getting kind of late. i guess i can take care of that one tomorrow seeing as it will be "the first day of the rest of (my) life."

Friday, November 2, 2007

it's time to celebrate!

as i've mentioned before, little o just recently turned one. we celebrated the actual day at the happiest place on earth... eating hot dogs & churros, spending time with winnie the pooh & buzz lightyear, & getting the boys' faces painted. however, we waited until halloween to open presents, blow out the candles & eat cake. nothing beats the sight of a little guy digging in & chowing down on birthday cake!

dear diary...

at the boutique i picked up of of miss marta's cute mini diaries. they are perfect for jotting down the "little" things that can be so easily forgotten. so, here are some of the things, thoughts & experiences i want to remember about this past week...

i love the smell of wassil on the stove, cinnamon in the air & a fire burning... each of them announce that fall is here!

i love the sound of gavin knocking on our neighbors' doors, then impatiently ringing the doorbell as he loudly proclaims "knock knock, trick or treat".

i love the taste of pumpkin gingerbread trifle. for a girl who doesn't like pumpkin pie (i know, i've been told that i'm crazy!) this definitely hit "the spot". it was the perfect blend of pumpkin & gingerbread, way too delicious to put into words.

i love the sight of little owen eating his birthday cake. he started out slow but definitely finished strong! i loved watching him shovel the cake in with his hands... it was even better when gavin started to "help".

i love the feel of reading the boys a bed time story, singing to them as we all sit together in the rocker & tucking them into bed... such precious moments aren't going to last forever.

hope you had a happy halloween!