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Monday, November 12, 2007

bare walls?

or maybe your just looking for a change. either way, maybe one of these ideas will inspire you & get your creative juices flowing...

you don't need museum-worthy pieces to create an arresting composition.... remnants of four graphic fabrics add drama when placed in metal frames & hung in a grid pattern. extending nearly the full width of the room, the pieces act like wallpaper. when choosing fabrics, stick to bold over scale patterns, as small florals will lose presence when viewed from afar.
as you read, the magazine (which one it was, i can't remember) suggested fabric, but this same look could easily be accomplished with scrapbook (or even wrapping paper) as well. imagine the possibilities! this would be perfect for bedroom (maybe mine?), or what about a craft studio?! already i have possibilities twirling in my head! but, if your looking for something that screams "classy"check out this next idea (be sure to click on the picture & enlarge it, this shot just doesn't do it justice!) :

a painting isn't the only work worthy of being centered above a mantel. a family tree becomes an artistic installation when its names, dates & birth places are exhibited in flowing calligraphy on card stock with a mat border. the family name is written in light ink on dark paper, while the revers is true for the surrounding "branches" of the genealogy chart. uniform frames with an antique finish add harmony to the display.
could be a beautiful addition to any room. but i really envision this "art" hanging near some silhouettes... like the ones mique is always talking about, over at nienie's house.


Megan said...

These ideas are gorgeous! I especially love the one below. I'm trying to figure out where I could put something like this in my home. Keep the good ideas flowing!

Holly said...

Gorgeous! Now if I could only snap my fingers or twitch my nose to create them.

The Kent Family said...
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Marty said...

These are neat ideas. I love the top one, and the scrapbook paper idea.