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Tuesday, March 6, 2007

a new site to stalk...

Some days I feel like I spend hours on the Internet just searching for something fun and new. Today I came across it in mere minutes!
In her own words Marieke Berghuis describes her site as her

"journal-playground-laboratory-portfolio" where you "will find pages of (her) paper journal, notes & doodles (for what eventually will be a book), designs (she has) made and references to merely anything that (she) finds too pretty not to pay attention to..."

I fell in love instantly, and I think many of you will too! Check out Treats & Treasures today!


marta said...

super cute and right up my alley. thanks, miss kelly.

Marty: said...

I love to search on the internet until I find a new place. Then I bookmark it for later. The next day it doesn't seem new any more, so I have to find another new one. I have tons of old new sites in my bookmarks waiting to be actually read!

Gramafolly said...

I really don't have a comment on your thoughts and ramblings except to say that I love to read whatever you write down.. This is such a nice way for me to get my day started. By reading about thoughts and goings on of those I love.