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Tuesday, May 22, 2007

did he just say what i think he said?

Gavin has always talked a lot... although, for a long time you could never really understand much of what he was saying. These days though, he is making more & more sense. Yet you can imagine my surprise, when he suddenly blurted out a word that sounded very similar to an ugly little word starting with the letter "F". We were shopping in Nordstrom's, when Gavin starts going crazy & shouting this word, over and over again. Suddenly streams of thoughts go through my mind: What in the world? What is he saying? It can't be... But where would he have heard it? I hate that word, Jeff doesn't say. TV? No. Movies? No. Okay, so if it's not that word, what is he saying? By now I am frantically looking around. Is their something here? Does he see something? And then I spot it... on the bottom shelf, about 5 feet away is a package of FROGS. Very quickly, and very loudly (so that everyone in the entire store can hear) I say " Oh, FROGS. You see the FROGS. Yep Gavin, there are some FROGS over there."


Stie said...

Oh my gosh, McKay used to do that with the word truck, only it came out with an "f" at the front of it. He'd squeal that word with delight every time he saw a truck (like every three seconds). It was pretty embarrassing.

mama jo said...

kids are always so much fun.

Marty: said...

Heidi at about 3, said the A-word at the check out counter in the grocery store. She wasn't mispronouncing anything. She just said it, loud and clear.

Kristen said...

Oh too funny!
I have a friend who had a little boy that couldn't say "truck". Instead he always said "fruck". Being a little boy, he said that word all the time, loud and clear. My friend was always so embarrassed.

kat said...

when strangers say hi to Maggie, she sometimes replies with, "stop it. don't talk to me." nice.

Christen said...

When Brooklyn was about two she would pronounce the word "chips" in a way that sounded much like the word beginning with "B" and we then decided to teach her the word in spanish wich is "papas" just until she was able to say chips without cussing.

No matter what it's still adorable!