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Thursday, May 3, 2007

neiman's here i come!

Just got the new Neiman Marcus catalog, and there are LOTS of good things inside! I seem to have a "thing" for dresses lately. Although... I did see a girl wearing the eyelet shirt (top right corner) and it was VERY VERY cute in person! And who can say "no" to polka dots?


Lindsey said...

Hey--I can't believe I haven't asked you yet, but can I use your banner to make a button for my blog?

I'm slowly working my way through all my faves....

Those shoes are darling!

Kelly said...

i'd me honored... i feel so special. you definitely made my day!

Leslie said...

do you really shop there kelly? man, must be nice to have a sugar daddy like jeff around. hehee.

Kelly said...

mostly, I shop there in my dreams... although sometimes I tag along with my mom on her shopping trips. when i say "i just got the new catalog" I actually mean my mom just got it, and I stole it to drool over the clothes.