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Thursday, June 7, 2007

the boys are sick.

Gavin's has a temperature of 103, Owen is just plain fussy & I'm tired after being up with them all night, but I can't forget to make brownies for the scout picnic tonight... so I better run to the store.


Marty: said...

Sick little boys are so pathetic. The energy level is so different and you miss the chaos, while you're wishing you could enjoy the peace. Hope they get well soon.

whit said...

They sure are adorable..hopefully everyone will feel better.

Carey said...

Hope your boys are feeling better real soon.

Leslie said...

oh no! welcome to my life.

Elizabeth said...

I just signed up for your swap. WHat a fabulous idea. I just scrolled down, you have a great blog. We eat Ted's Haupia often. Hard not to now that they carry it in the grocery stores. So yum!