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Thursday, June 28, 2007

thanks missy!

let me tell you how much i LOVE my swap partner missy! i seriously lucked out! it's amazing how much you can have in common with someone you've never even met! (i've been finding that out a lot lately, thanks to the blog-o-sphere!) I absolutely love burt's bees products, but I've never tried their lip stuff, I already know I'm hooked! i can't wait to wear my new visor running... this is something i definitely needed. strawberry licorice bites from trader joes! this is one of my favorite stores, but again something i've never tried. and I've saved the best for last... Rachel Ray. i have to admit i've watched the show, even flipped through the magazine, but i've never even looked at her cookbook! can't wait to find some new favorite recipes!

thanks missy! i love it all... you rock!


Laurie said...

Your goodies look awesome! You did luck out.

katri said...

You scored on all accounts.

I love Rachel Ray's cookbooks. She just makes everything so easy and teaches how to use really good ingredients.

Love her.
btw... have you ever checked out her daytime telly show? It is really cute. As if, that I sit and watch it during the day. It is a Tivo'ed event, but well worth the effort. Cute tips on fashion, interior design, random tips, and of course great cooking tips/ideas.

Andy said...

I don't know what Trader Joes is. But I'm dying to get my hands on some of the licorice! Sounds so yummy.

Missy said...

Oh! I'm glad you liked it. I worried since your package blew me away. Enjoy, enjoy and please keep in touch. I think we were meant to be best blogging friends!