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Saturday, July 21, 2007

island life.

the greek islands are everything i've imagined it would be... i've seen the play mama mia so many times that i was well prepared. we've spent the last couple of days on the island of santorini, which some believe is part of the legendary lost city of atlantis! 3,500 years ago a volcano erupted here causing the entire center of the island to sink, what remains here today is a crescent shaped island. almost the entire island is built upon these incredible cliffs that overlook the ocean.


Stephanie said...

santorini is my favorite! you must be having so much fun!

Leslie said...

when we woke up in the harbor of santorini on the morning we arrived, we thought for a moment that the white buildings way up high on the cliffs were actually snow.
that place is incredible.

katri said...

Oh my goodness!!!

You are not going to believe it, but I have never heard of Santorini until yesterday, and now, again through your post, I feel like I HAVE to go there. There is a story behind this... but I hate to bore the masses. In short, I felt like I needed to surprise my husband with a trip. And then in a handful of ways... Santorini keeps coming to the top of the list. I shy away from it because it is far... but now I feel like something is telling me that I "NEED" to go there.

Does this ever happen to others? I can't believe this... totally crazy!!!