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Saturday, July 28, 2007

what a city!

today we woke up bright and early, in order to do the whole "tourist" thing. we walked over to the louvre where we paid a little visit to miss mona lisa & several of her closest friends. then we had a picnic in the park, hit the ferris wheel, where we got this incredible view of the entire city! next stop was notre dame and it's beautiful windows, a river cruise on the river seine, and finally... quite possibly the BEST french onion soup i've ever had. quite a day!


Caroline said...

I love Paris!
My dad is from france! Love the food too. Eat a pastry for me!

Traci said...

I bet the French onion soup was to die for!!! Yummy!

kat said...

i was in paris 10 years ago this summer... wish i was there again.

ginger said...

Your vacation is awesome... I am jealous!

Paris is one of my favorite cities, and that says a lot considering I was there in the dead of winter with a 4 month old baby!

I can't wait to get back.

gab said...

i can't believe you're still on your vacation. wow! you guys have been all is great, but i'll bet you're ready to come home soon, huh?

Marilee said...

Get the recipe, I love french onion soup!