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Monday, August 27, 2007

10 months!

O is no longer a baby... he's practically a kid! he is all over the place. he crawls, walks around furniture, loves the stairs & boy can he eat! as long as you stick food in front of him he's a happy little camper. he and gavin have started to actually "play" together which is fun to watch. he babbles all day long & definitely loves his momma. but, still no teeth! i'm wondering if they are ever going to come in... but then again, i love his toothless grin!


Leslie said...

oh my gosh, what a cutie. no teeth? crazy!

Lacie said...

My Little Bit is 11 months! I also have a 3 tear old rascal I call the K-Man. I have really enjoyed seeing them start to interact! One yells and then the other one does it back (JOY-HA!)Oh...AND the wrestling! My house has already turned into a wrestling ring!!!

Stephanie said...

my mabel didn't start getting teeth til she was 13 months old. it made the transition from nursing to food kind of tricky, but she survived. i've always heard that the longer it takes to get their teeth, the better their teeth will be.

he really does have the cutest little smile!

Mique said...

what a cute kiddo!! How fun. When did Gavin's teeth come in? And be thankful for not going through the teething thing (we're on round 3,099 for Drew who's 15 months- it's terrible..he gets one tooth in, is fine for about 2 weeks, then another comes in).

My name is Ali... said...

What a cutie patootie!!

Hey, where's that picture of your eyeliner?? I'm dying to see it!

Hope you're having a good time in Utah