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Tuesday, August 21, 2007

salt lake ink

so we've been a little busy lately. late sunday night we packed up the car (1 motorcycle, 2 mountain bikes, and enough clothes for an indefinite stay), buckled the kids up & headed to salt lake, utah. lucky for me, both kids slept the entire trip, and jeff drove nearly the whole way. no big plans for our stay... just helping all the kids (russy & kerry) get ready for school.

today was fun though, we did something very exciting... mom, kerry & i got tattoos! for kerry & me it was a definite first. once in austria, i had contemplated getting a tattoo... however, i wimped out, knowing my mom would die when she found out. i never would have guessed that she would be the one to talk me into getting it done. i was so jealous of her last year, so when she announced she was getting tattooed again, i knew i had to do it too! now i never have to put on eyeliner again! (yep, i'm still pretty much a wimp... i just had my eyeliner tattooed on. hope i didn't disappoint you!)


Stie: My Favorite Things said...

Pictures, please!

And I cannot picture your mother with a big flying eagle on her upper arm. What did she get?

Mique said...

Yes we need pictures. And what did your mom and sister get?

mama jo said...

under protests from kelly, i have to clarify...i didn't get angels wings with tom's name written undeneath...although that would have been awesomr!, we ALL just got eyeliner tatooed on....kel just makes it seem like i'm cool...

Summers Camp said...

Crazy! Yes, we need a picture! And did it hurt much??? *B

Leslie said...

now if only you could get mascara tattooed on . . . :)

i bet it looks great, or will in a couple of days. a very elderly friend of ours did the same thing. that and her eyebrows. she was going blind and couldn't stand not to be able to do her eyes. :)