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Wednesday, August 1, 2007

sleeping like a baby?

poor little owen... i think he is going to have the hardest time of any of us, adjusting back to life at home. after 3 weeks of sleeping with mom and dad, he has to go back to sleeping in his own bed, all alone & he isn't happy about it either. any suggestions on helping make his transition easier? i'm just hoping he goes back to sleeping through the night!


ginger said...

Your trip sounded like so much fun!

Elliott and I have traveled so many times with a little baby, it isn't funny! My advice is to try to get back to your previous routine by easing him into it... after a week to two weeks he should be back to normal. It sounds like a long time, but just be patient, and he will come along.

It took Sophie a whole week to get back to normal after our trip to Hawaii this past summer, and she and Owen are about the same age.

Good luck!

kat said...

just have jeff sleep in the crib with owen for a while...

Mique said...

Glad you guys got home safe and sound (especially since your last trip didn't end so well ;( Bummer that Owen isn't doing well sleep wise. I have a teething 14 mo old- any suggestions there? He won't sleep either and it's driving me NUTS!!!!
Thanks for keeping us posted while you were away- the pics are FABULOUS!

mama jo said...

i love kathryns idea...i'm sure jeff will fit comfortably!

Kelly said...

what's funny... this actually already happened. wednesday morning i sent jeff up to get gavin. he was gone forever! and never answered me when i called. so i go upstairs. and lo & behold, jeff had crawled in with gavin and fallen asleep. he later said that gavin didn't want to come out, so he went in!