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Sunday, August 5, 2007

oh so comfortable!

first i have to admit that i'm not jessica simpson's biggest fan. to be honest, i didn't even want to try on the shoes because they had her name on them. but the sales guy just kept pushing and i finally gave in. boy i'm a glad i did! i absolutely love THESE!
my feet have never been happier!


HeAtHeR* said...

that is so funny...I did the same thing...a salesperson forced me to try them on (not the same shoe you have, but a different pair of her shoes) and I was so surpirsed how much I love them...I have loved them ever since...

Brian & Arika said...

CUTE! Maybe she is good at something other than acting like an air head?!?!

Nicolasa said...

I have the same pair of shoe- I love them! They are VERY comfy.