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Monday, September 10, 2007

don't forget to say please & thank you!

a darling jar filled to the brim with brightly colored gumballs. attached was a card that read: thank you for "chews"-ing us! what a fun way to say thank you... it would definitely brighten any one's day. it certainly was a thrill for all of us, who spent the next several days chomping away, blowing bubbles!


gab said...

very kids would have that thing empty in twenty seconds!

Megan said...

Very cute idea. I'm glad you shared it.

Mique said...

Super cute...and I'm with Gabi- that candy would be gone in a heartbeat. I have some really cute glass jars similar to that one that I'd love to fill with candies according to the season or holiday but know my kids would not be able to stay away. So I think I might fill them with pumpkins or something safe that I know they won't want to get into.

lainakay said...

super cute! always nice to be thanked, especially when it involves candy!

Stevens girl said...

That is such a cute idea. My girls have discovered gum and want it all the time. I shouldn't have let them try it. I told them it was for big kids and when my 5 year old turned 5 she got to try it and now they both want it all the time. I wish I hadn't let her try it.

That is such a cute idea. What a thoughtful gift.

Mommy Chef said...

Love that.A great gift! And so many candies would work.My dad loves lemonheads,so I might send him one full.I can find those cute lidded glass containers at thrift stores and garage sales for cheap! I am hosting a swap for Halloween if you are interested! Since you had so much success with yours and my partner was AWESOME!!!I thought this would be fun.Have a great week!