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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

so obviously i'm not prego... but maybe you are!

if so, i found THIS cute dress for you while strolling through target! it's simple & classy, & i love it. i just don't love that i have to be prego to wear it. but hopefully someone else, out there in the blog-o-sphere, may get some good use out of it. i guess i could always get it for "the future"... you know, in case i ever dare to take the plunge again! seriously though, all those of you who are preggers, check it out, i don't think the picture does it justice!


Chelsey Booth said...

I have to agree that Target has some good maternity stuff. Sometimes I wish it wasn't maternity so I could wear it!

Ben and Laura said...

I saw this last week and died! LOVE IT! And it's oh-so-cute on my 5 month pregnant body!

Mique said...

That's the only time I really want to be pregnant is when I see clothes in the maternity section that are cuter than "normal" clothes. Where were those clothes when I was pregnant (times 3)?