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Monday, December 10, 2007

moving on to the next thing on the list.

the boutiques is over (exhale huge sigh of relief). & now i'm on to the next thing on my extremely long list of to-dos. the priority right now is just cleaning up the the bomb that has gone off in my house. it's days like this that i dream of having a full-time maid, cook, butler... you know the whole gamut. the house is an absolute disaster. my kids now think a home cooked meal is something i have heated up in the microwave & i have a pile of laundry so high that you could probably climb it & reach the moon. (but in my defense, at least the clothes are clean just waiting to be folded.)

next on the list is just catching up on work. that's one of the great evils of working from home... sometimes you can just put stuff off indefinitely. & suddenly, like everything else in life, there is so much for you to get done you don't even want to think about it. but, i better get going before the big bosses call me up and utter that dreaded phrase "kelly... this just isn't working out for us."

then last but not least, that little thing called christmas. although, i am proud to report that pretty much everything has been bought & wrapped. i do have a couple of people still to buy for (mostly just my mom. she's a tough cookie, because she pretty much buys whatever she wants. so, the trick is trying to find something that i know she'll love, but hasn't ever thought of herself, which is very hard & i'm usually totally unsuccessful at. lucky for me, but not for her, her dogs ate her sunglasses.... so maybe i'll just go into replacement mode. boring, but safe.) also, somewhere on that ever growing christmas to-do list, is my christmas card. (if anyone wants to be on the list, be sure to email me your address!) i can't honestly say i haven't thought about it, because i have, i just haven't done anything about it. i'm being ambitious, & i think i'm going to make it myself in photoshop, which is kinda funny, because i don't really know how to use photoshop, i've just done little things here & there (so any advice is greatly appreciated). but, for some reason i just think i can do it. (i'll just have to keep repeating that do myself... i think i can! i think i can!) anyway, like always, i'm totally rambling, which in effect is helping me from avoiding the things i really need to do. so i better run. wish me luck! hopefully i can get my life under control (ha! ha! ha! is that even possible?)

1 comment:

mama jo said...

that last paragraph was a total ramble...i could picture your fingers going faster and faster...but, sunglasses would be fine by me...not boring at all...did you pay sadie to do this?