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Thursday, January 24, 2008

let the swapping begin.

emails have been sent, partners assigned, now it's time for the real fun to begin. if you haven't already, take a moment, email your partner, try to get to know one another... that makes it all the more fun. if you signed up & haven't heard from me, not to worry! simply email me ( or leave a comment on this post & i'll get you taken care of, i promise!

happy swapping!

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Anonymous said...

I tried emailing a few times...not sure if I get to be included due to being a stranger.....I would love to particiapte....I have lots of cool stuff to add.....I understand though if strangers are not allowed.

Brent, Bethany, and Brooke said...

Hi Kelly again! sorry to keep emailing you and to leave you another comment. I did receive an email from you yesterday and the subject was "travel swap" but the email was blank...?? I don't know what happened. My email is Did you ever get my original email with all of my information? Maybe we should try my other email which is Let me know! Thanks.

Aranne/Dan said...

Just thought I would let you know that I did get your comment on my page and sent you all of my info... I am ready to SWAP! Thanks again.

Jessica said...

Hmm, I e-mailed, but I didn't get one back. Doh, I should have checked back with you on this sooner. Sorry Kelly!

michellenjones said...

hi kelly, i did not receive an email, but sent my info for the swap. did you receive it? my email is hope i can still participate! thanks.

sy said...

thanks for coordinating the swap!