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Wednesday, April 9, 2008

can you hear the ocean calling your name?

putting together "hawaii in a box" has been too much fun... i definitely can't do just one! i'm feeling the need to spread the hawaiian goodness a little further. so, i'm please to announce that we have three additional winners. now you aren't winning the "grand" prize... that's reserved for shannon, so think of it more as "hawaii in a big fat envelope." but hey... you don't get to be picky, & the way i see it - any amount of hawaii is a good amount. that being said, would the following persons please email their "particulars" to mary elizabeth, lindsay, and erik&shannon.


mary elizabeth said...

wow! thanks so much kelly! i am so excited and will email you my addy today! thanks again!

love.boxes said...

Love that photo! What a pretty blue sky!

Shannon said...

Hi Kelly! I sent you an e-mail. Did you get it? I just saw my name on this post :) I'm so excited! You are SO generous!

aaron & allee said...

You are so funny! When are you going back to Hawaii?