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Monday, April 28, 2008

etsy to the rescue.

remember THIS post? remember how badly i wanted a different bracelet for every day of the week? remember how i was lamenting about how expensive they were & was even considering trying to make my own? thankfully, i no longer have to consider going to such extremes. i tell you, my fairy god mother must have been listening. yep, it's true my fgm (fairy god mother) really does exist, & i have proof... she sent me the lovely caroline, via etsy, to grant my wishes. i've just placed my order for a pair of her beautiful words on your wrist bracelets. as soon as i saw the bracelets in her shop, i knew i had to have them, so i snatched them up, quick as quick can be. as i type, i'm imaganing how cute they would have looked with my outfit today. actually i'm sure they'll will look cute with just about every outfit... i might be wearing them every day. wanna get your own? shop HERE (she's got lots of other, loverly things for sale as well).

image via caroline.


love.boxes said...

Hooray. Neat. :)

Darilyn said...

I'm so glad you were able to get some. I'm sure they will look fantastic on you and I'm excited to see what they say. Post after you get them please.

Shannon said...

Now that's a reasonable price! Thank you for sharing. i just may have to order one or two myself!

The Morris Fam said...

Blogger The Morris Fam said...

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