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Sunday, July 27, 2008

my, how time flies.

just one year ago, we were doing a bit of traveling, when we stopped in one of my most favorite-est cities (& yes, i realize that favorite-est is not a real word, but how else do you describe something you LOVE?). anyway, we just happened to be there just in time to see the grand finale of this fabulous race. seeing the boys cross the finish line once again today, makes me wish i was there.


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allie said...

It is my hubby's dream to be there someday! I love your aprons and jewelry, let me know if you ever want to swap goods!

Her Shabbyness: Sweet 'n Southern said...

JEALOUS that you were there. It's kind of my dream.

Sandra Ree said...

That's a great shot!

mama jo said...

me too!