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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

summer concert tour

last week, our 2008 summer concert tour continued when we went to see one of my favorite bands. although, i guess it's not really a band. when there are only two people i guess it's more of a group. anyway, i loved getting the opportunity to see the ting tings live in concert. & they were AWESOME. it's incredible watching them play... although they've only got two people playing, they use all kinds of different instruments in each & every song. & did i mention that i have a total girl-crush on katie? she is a total rocker & i love the way she goes crazy up on stage. plus, i really kind-of covet her hair.... she's got that platinum blonde, fried hair thing going on, with lots & lots of bangs - very cute, but definitely not a look i could ever pull of. want to rock out to some of my favorite tunes? well, you could just buy their entire album, because it's awesome! or check out these songs: great dj, shut up and let me go, that's not my name, & traffic light.


Aranne and Dan said...

I too love the ting tings.. I actually have their song on my playlist... I had no idea about a some concert tour... I wonder if they are coming near me and if I could catch them.. I must find out! thanks for the heads up fellow groupie!!

eRiCa said...

i totally dig the ting tings! Great taste!

ginger said...

You and Jeff are so hip... always running off to concerts! Elliott and I went to a Jack Johnson concert a couple of years ago, and other than that, I am totally out of it. Elliott is always telling me about some new group, and I never have any clue. If it isn't from the 80's, a primary song, or on the Pride and Prejudice soundtrack, I probably haven't heard it! Sad, I know!

shinyruby2 said...

the TT's ROCK! So much fun! And I'm setting up a great promo for them when they come to Australia later this year woohoo! can't wait to see them live! XX