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Thursday, July 23, 2009

spam i am?

for the last few weeks, i've been "taking care of business." swap business that is! for those of you participating in the swappity swap, ALL of the emails have be sent (& hopefully, they have ALL been delivered, & received). i've felt a bit like santa claus... making my list, checking it twice, hoping everyone will play nice. we have a gadzillion people participating this year in the swap. okay, okay - not a gadzillion, but over 500. i've lost count, there are so many emails going back and forth. if you haven't gotten your email yet, please, please, please contact me! ( i've been having all kinds of crazy email issues, it wouldn't surprise me one bit, if the gmail monster ate a few emails along the way! with over 500 swappers, i've been sending out a ton of emails (as you can imagine). part-way through my email campaign, gmail decided i was a spammer. (what? little 'ole me? never!) in an effort to protect the world from my spamming ways, gmail started limiting the number of emails i could send out in a 24 hour period. which, really delayed many of our swappers receiving their partners information. for that i am so sorry! if i could, i'd send each of you a personal apology - i hate being late, for anything. but there are just way too many of you, so this "blog" apology will have to do! because i was late in getting out all the "particulars", i don't want you to feel rushed. so, i'm going to be extending the swap deadline... please have your swap packages sent by friday, august 14th. hopefully, this will give you enough time to gather your goodies & become the best of besties with your swap partner. oh, & if you are wondering what to send, or looking for a little inspiration, check out last year's flickr pool here. & once you receive your package, be sure to post photos here, for everyone to enjoy!

now that the swap business is slowly wrapping up, at least my end of it (now, it's all up to you folks!), i'm going to be taking a few day off - a blog vacay of sorts. lately, there has been all kinds of drama in my life (technological, personal & everything in between), & i just need a bit of a breather. but don't worry, i'll be back soon. hopefully, completely refreshed, totally inspired, & ready to tackle to world. so check back soon, & check back often. soon, i'll be back "on my feet," rearing to go!
be back soon...


Kelly said...

Enjoy your break! For next year, you may want to check out or something similar. Makes emailing to large lists much easier, and doesn't cost much.

ellen said...

Have some fun and hurry back!

ONe PiNK FiSH said...

Stop by onepinkfish to pick up a blog award. You deserve it!