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Monday, January 18, 2010

menu monday mania: week 3

it's monday... & i haven't forgotten - time for menu monday mania. this week's menu is just a wee bit different. i'm currently counting down until the the big race. yep! in just less than 3 weeks i will be lacing up my shoes & running 26.2 miles. ay crumba! to tell you the truth, i'm not exactly looking forward to the big day. & although the old fable tells us that "slow & steady wins the race," i'm hear to tell you, that's a pack of lies. so i'll be working hard these next couple of weeks, trying to increase my speed just a bit. in the mean time, i'm also going to be doing all i can "nutritionally" to give me that extra needed edge i so desperately need. over the next few weeks i'll be turning to good 'ole dr. oz, to help with my meal planning needs. so without further ado, here is week three of menu monday mania (courtesy of dr. oz)...

* monday: asian salmon with brown rice pilaf
* tuesday: stuffed whole wheat pizza (we couldn't give up our weekly pizza entirely)
* wednesday: mediterranean chicken with tomato, olives & herbed white beans
* thursday: royal pasta primavera provencale
* friday: apricot chicken and green beans with almond slivers

so what are YOU having for dinner this week? (be sure to link up to YOUR menu monday post, or simply comment with your meal plan.) any last minute marathoning tips you want to pass along?


Lene said...

That all sounds yummy.

Since I am so not training for any kind of race here is our menu for the week:

KJ said...

here you go. definitely not training for a marathon. though I wish I were. it's too dang cold!

anna jo said...

enjoy your taper and definitely relax and enjoy your race! it's always such a fun experience. I love the whole ambiance of the race scene. and also, remember that it doesn't matter the quality of sleep you get the night before your race, it's about three days before that counts. oh and just believe in yourself and the work you've put into it. your feet will know what to do. have fun!!! :)

Stephanie said...

Marathon! Wow! Now I understand all of your tweets. You rock...

Be sure to have someone take lots of photos. Is this your first marathon?

Travelin'Oma said...

I'm getting lots of menu ideas from you. I made your Root Beer BBQ Beef tonight and it was awesome! It will become a regular in our eating routine. Thanks!

Keith Wilcox said...

found you through metropolitan mama (Stephanie). Was curious about your marathon coming up. Looks like you've got it all under control :-) I did one a few years back and just wanted to tell you not to worry about it. It's really not as hard as everyone says. You seem really well prepared so you shouldn't worry about anything.