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Monday, January 25, 2010

menu monday mania: week 4

outside it's been cold, wet & very very rainy. i know, not exactly that big a deal. but when you live in southern california, it is a HUGE deal. really & truly, we are not equipped for this kind of inclement weather. & just to prove that point, i now have a pool in my backyard, where there wasn't one before. currently, the sun is shining & the skies are blue (hallelujah!). but, they are forecasting even more rain to come. so, this week's menu is made up almost entirely of comfort food... hopefully a hot & tasty meal will be the perfect cure for all our weather woes. if anything, making the noodles for our soup will keep the boys busy for at least one afternoon.

chicken & rice
tuesday: home made chicken noodle soup
wednesday: home made pizza
thursday: chicken enchildas
friday: baked tortellini

as always..... what are you having for dinner this week?


my name is heather... said...

I might tackle your homemade chicken noodle soup this week. I am frightened I might botch up the noodles....

Shanna - My Favorite Everything said...

Looks yummy! I gave up this week and am boycotting the kitchen - this is what we are eating instead :-)

THE Disneyalnd Mom said...

I was just thinking that it had been a really long time since I had made enchiladas! I think I'm going to make them this week too.

OCMomActivities - Katie said...

-Baby Slider burgers tonight (Thanks Fresh & Easy - they sell the slider burgers ready to go and perfect sized slider buns and they all cook in like 10 minutes on my George Foreman Grill). Side of steam broccoli (w/ ranch dip). Yes, the kids love it. Then probably sweet potato fries.

-Tomorrow is All Beef Hot Dogs (also on the George Foreman Grill), w/ side of salads & pasta.

-Then the kids are having ravioli's and husband and I are having super big elaborate salads. :)

I haven't figured out what next, but I have figured out the left over hot dogs and sliders are perfect main courses for the kids lunches!

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KJ said...
not too fancy, but definitely good!

Julie said...

I'm hate to admit this and I'm sorry that I am not contributing anything but weekly menus are becoming a cut and paste copy of yours. So heres a big THANK YOU for being so organized and helping us less-organized people with what to make for dinner. My whole family thanks you!!! said...

I cannot believe all the rain we've been getting up north too. It's crazy. It was finally sunny today and it's going to rain again tomorrow.

Definitely soup, pasta and warm, homely dishes being served here too.

Stephanie said...

Monday: Pesto, provolone & pepperoni stromboli; salad
Tuesday: Chicken linguine alfredo w/broccoli, carrots, & corn mixed in
Wednesday: Philly cheesesteak sandwiches (from; fruit salad
Thursday: Corn & mango empanadas; spanish rice; pinquinto beans
Friday: Oven fried chicken; baked beans; cornbread muffins
(I actually get a lot of my recipes & menu ideas from Our Best Bites.)