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Monday, February 1, 2010

menu monday mania: week 5

soup's on this week, literally. almost every single day, i'm making soup. it's quick, easy, & will be perfect for the cold winter nights. maybe, if i'm really ambitious i'll bake up some crusty, home-made bread. (any one have any favorite bread recipes they are just dying to share?)

* monday: sweet potato corn chowder
* tuesday: tortilla soup
* wednesday: home-made mac 'n cheese
* thursday: chili (anyone have a fabulous, must-try recipe to suggest?)
* friday: mexican chicken & rice soup

so here you go. my dinner plans. link up your plans & recipes, let's help each other out....


Abby said...

Thanks for this menu idea. I'm loving it. It makes me actually figure it out each Sunday night. Do you really make all your meals each week?

kathryn said...

i'm thinking of making a chicken pot pie for dinner tonight... i just sent you an email for some really good chili. and now i'm thinking maybe i'll do chili tonight instead. yum.

Heather said...

Love the mac n cheese recipe. Makes me want to have it tonight. How often do you re use the same recipe?

Kellyansapansa said...

Mmm, soup. It's the middle of summer here at the moment, so I haven't had it in ages, but soup is one of my favourite winter dishes!

Maria said...

Try these pretzel bites for the big game or for a fun snack!

Canadian Princess said...

My hubby absolutely loves this bread with soups... he says its his favourite bread actually:

And as far as chili...this is a must try as its sweet and a lil fact I can't eat other chili:


Emily said...

Mmmm all sounds good to me! Thanks for the ideas.

kelly said...

Abby - if you haven't already, post your own menu here or on your blog & leave a link. & I usually do make all my meals. Sometimes, if I have enough leftovers I mights skip a night & occasionally (like last night) I run out of time to make dinner, so we went out for tacos.

kathryn - love that recipe. will try for sure!

heather - I'll re-use recipes every month or so. I'm trying to establish about 6-8 weeks of fav recipes that i can just rotate.

kellyansapansa - even though it's summer where you are, you should share your fav soup recipes!

maria - thanks for the recipe. the pretzel bites sound delish!

canadian princess: thanks for the recipes, can't wait to try!

emily - anything i can do to help!

Patricia L said...

Little late posting my menu but here goes:
Mon- Pizza Biscuit Casserole (adapted from a pillsbury taco biscuit caserole) w/ fresh fruit & veggies
Tues- BBQ Beef in Crock Pot,mac n cheese (for the fam-- I get to eat at Panera w/ my MOPS team)
Wed- Dinner @ Church
Thurs- Hamburgers & potato wedges
Fri- out for 1x/month date night w/ hubby
Sat- Breaded Tilapia & steamed veggies
Sun- Chicken Stir Fry & Hot & Sour Soup

Stephanie said...

Monday: Panda Express - returned home from a 5 hour car trip w/3 kids under 6 in the car - no cooking. ;)
Tuesday: Breakfast burritos; mango; bacon; tater tots
Wednesday: Meatball minestrone soup at my Mom's
Thursday: Zuppa Toscana soup (think Olive Garden); homemade breadsticks; salad
Friday: Cheesy Turkey Burgers; sweet potato oven fries; asparagus

Stephanie said...

I'm with you on the whole love-cooking-hate-menu-planning thing. I spend one night a week taking care of that week's menu. I started doing this last Jan when my hubby & I decided we really didn't need all those extra pounds we were carrying around & got serious about eating healthy. Having a menu planned out has saved us money & weight since we don't end up staring into the pantry/fridge for so long that we get frustrated, give up & go get fast food! I even keep all my menus in an Excel spreadsheet/calendar so that I can go back & see what we ate last month or last year. It helps when I get stumped for what to eat this week. Good job & thanks for sharing it with the rest of us! :)