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Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Flying Purple People Eater

Only a mother could love a face like this, don't you agree?

No... he is not a clown, and I did not do this on purpose. Long story short, Owen is taking some medication that (you guessed it) makes his face purple! I wish I could say it looks better in person, but it doesn't. I've tried to stay home as much as possible, but yesterday I had to venture out into the world. It's amazing the responses you get from people. While I was at the grocery store, several people felt the need to point out that my baby's face was purple. I felt like responding "DUH!" Do you honestly think I could miss it? Some people just stare. One nice woman was worried that Owen wasn't breathing. And then there's Gavin. Yesterday I asked Gavin to give the baby a kiss yesterday. As he goes in, he sees the purple, said "Ewww" and backed away. Now he just points at O, and says "Yucky." Luckily, I only have to give Owen this treatment for 3 or 4 days, and they say the stain should only last a week or two.

Let's just hope this works... otherwise I don't know what I'll try next.


Stie said...

Oh my gosh, look at that face! I think when you go out in public and people comment, you should pretend that his face isn't purple - ask what's wrong with their eyes? Send people flocking to the eye doctor...

Cute blog! Glad to see someone else join the ranks!


Marty: said...

What will the neighbors say when they find out the family next door is purple?

whit said...

He better not be purple for my birthday. jk..he's still adorable.

Lindsay Martino said...

My mom and I were cracking up over your blog. Your kids are adorable.