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Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Just keep swimming, swimming, swimming

Gavin LOVES the water. So I decided it was time for him to learn to swim. But can they really teach a 2 year old to swim? Check him out... he's had only 4 lessons, but he is already floating on his back unassisted! I'm impressed, but then again, I am the proud mom!


mama jo said...

i can't believe he's

marta said...

looks like one babe is born for the ocean! kelly, i am so happy you have joined the blogging club. you have no idea the realm of fun this is going to be!! i'll be keeping touch.

stef said...

my little guys are now "flipper" and "barney baby"! Could they be any cuter?!!

Marty: said...

What a darling water baby!