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Thursday, March 8, 2007

if only i had a little extra cash lying around...

The spring Sundance arrived today, and it contained so many pretty things! Unfortunately, I don't have the space or money for most of them. But, I thought I'd share them with you... maybe something will strike your fancy!

Aren't these "Original Kork-Ease Sandals" great? The catalog describes them as "the sandals coveted by rock stars, glamour queens and other 70s-era goddesses are back, and they're hipper than ever..." I wasn't around for much of the 70s, but I can see why they might have been a hot item. The only question is, which color?

I absolutely LOVE this Taos Studio Table. I don't know why. I love the simplicity. It just looks sturdy, like it can handle anything. And it seems to ooze creativity! I can feel myself becoming more creative just by looking at it!

Or what about these chairs and stools? They just scream "buy me!" Right now they just wouldn't work in my house, it's too little to accomadte chairs that make such a statment, but maybe one day. I love the industrial look. I don't know, maybe I'm crazy! But I have this vision of my future kitchen... big farmhouse sink, butcher block island, rustic kitchen table, and these chairs!

These bowls are beautiful. I want two or three in each color. But do you think they are dishwasher safe? I really wouldn't want to spend $85 dollars on a bowl, and then have to wash it by hand!

Lately, I've been on this kick, in search of a good belt. No, scratch that, a really great belt. Thanks to Sundance, I think I'm actually in love... meet the Mesa Belt. It's everything I've dreamt of, and more!

Now this last one isn't from Sundance, but it fell under the same category: things I love, but possibly can't afford... enter Hammitt's "Suzy" diaper bag. I'll confess, I'm a sucker for diaper bags. I've got an addiction, that I really need to learn to control. But this one is an absolute beauty, & it comes in nine colors. And anyone who is anyone has one. Angelina Jolie, Denise Richards, need I say more? I think I have to have it!

1 comment:

Marty: said...

I love the turquoise belt. For some reason turquoise speaks to me.