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Thursday, March 15, 2007

a little mascara would really bring out those eyes!

I walked into my bathroom to find Gavin playing with my makeup. He has obviously been paying attention to what I do in the morning... he had the mascara wand out & was applying it to his eyelashes!


The Grahams said...

Gavin is so cute! I can't believe how big he is.... well I haven't seen him for a while so he's a lot bigger to me. Owen is also very cute. When was he born? Jackson is huge! We don't know where he came from cuz neither of us are big/tall people! And he just keeps growing. He's almost as tall as his cousin and only weighs 3 pounds less than her and she's 7 months older! He rolled over for the first time yesterday.... it was so exciting! Is Owen walking yet? Knowing your kids he probably will be by next week! :) Cute blog.... your good at it, I'm not too good yet, I don't have much experience with it. I just barely figured out how to post on other people's blogs! hehe. I'm excited to try some of your recipes....I'm always looking for new things to make. Thanks! Great hearing from you! -Stephanie

Gramafolly said...

I remember I particular trip to the park city house..Marty's family and the DeSpain's all there. Kids were screaming, Tyler had an earache and finally about 1am we got every one to sleep, about 2am I heard horrible screaming! It was Marty..Josh had gotten up and decided to put rouge very heaviy caked on his face. I think it took Marty weeks to get it off.. we never stayed there at the same time again