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Monday, June 18, 2007

busy. busy. busy.

we had a fun-filled weekend: graduations, parties, shopping, hershey kiss shaped rice krispie treats, church, father's day & even more parties. but now it's monday morning, back to real life... the little munchkins are sick, AGAIN, the house looks like a hurricane hit it, suddenly got lots of work to do (for the job i get paid to do), & maybe, if i'm lucky, i'll get to take a shower. so, that being said, i don't know how much i'll get to post today. but these magnets expressed perfectly how i am feeling. buy your own HERE.
hope you have a very happy monday!


emily said...

holy crud- we both had the SAME weekend.


mama jo said...

isn't it fun to be a mom?

Bridget said...

Sounds like an insane mom day. On a happy note, I thought I would let you know you did an amazing thing with this swap. The person I am swapping with lives across the country but she just so happened to be college roommates with my sister-in-law. Her in-laws were in my ward in Boston and her sister-in-law served a mission with my husband. Of all things. She had apparently been trying for years to hunt down Carrie, my sister-in-law and now she can! Thanks for setting us up. A mini-miracle!

jessi said...

these are great - would they be too much of a reality check as a gift for a first baby shower?

Jen said...

sorry for the sick weekend! those magnets are awesome- i need to get some.

Leslie said...

we had so much fun seeing you this weekend! i'm sorry your boys are sick, though. no fun at all.

and i love anne taintor. i could buy everything she makes. :)

lainakay said...