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Tuesday, June 5, 2007

father's day: diy

for diy photo cuff links, tie tacks & keychains... go HERE.

personalize a 12-pack of Jones soda with your favorite pictures!

have your kids make an ABC book that reminds them about dear old dad...

why not bake him a cake? how about this one that looks like a shirt & tie. or, if he's a golfer, he might enjoy this cake.

make your own photo snow globe.

decorate his favorite accessory... a tie, or how about putting his favorite picture on a photo tie?

or, if you are feeling REALLY crafty... make him a tie.

personalize a photo book with just pictures of the kids & dad. or, check out all these other great ideas using photos... everything from mugs to luggage tags.

just thought i'd throw a few ideas out there!


Laurie Turk said...

LOVE the ideas! Especially the ABC Book. I bet the kids could come up with something really funny.

Kris said...

These are such good ideas, I wish I would have come across them 4 weeks ago so I could have gotten my pops a custom 12 pack of soda! Great post.

Top Hat said...

Thank you so much for posting this. My dad and I have a very soda-heavy relationship. That idea was perfect (and currently in the works)