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Tuesday, June 5, 2007

i think i want this!

look! it's so small & cheap (only a $100)! wouldn't this be perfect to just throw in your purse?! wondering what it is?. well... it's the Flip Digital Video Camera. Photojojo says:

This critter packs a built-in flip-out USB port for downloading 640×480 MPEG4 at 30 frames-per-second (geek-speak for “pretty decent quality”) to your PC or Mac, a small LCD to review what you’ve recorded, a cable to watch videos on your TV in seconds, and a friendly user interface that requires no manual. (Really, truly!)

Cinema-quality video it is not, but surprisingly clear and bright for its size and cost, it is. We’ve been having a blast using this guy this past week!

We think the Flip Video is perfect for anyone who wants to capture video without hassle, or a rugged camera for little hands.

sounds like fun to me!


Mom2fur said...

Wow, that's a video camera? I can remember lugging a big thing around that held a VHS tape and probably weighed 8 or 9 pounds. They sure have come a long way!

lainakay said...

how funny, i just blogged about that the other day! isn't it the coolest little thing!

Bridget said...

I would love one of those too! I found you on Stie's site. I'm a friend of hers from Boston. I'd love to do the favorite things swap thing. Count me in! Thanks.

whit said...

I want one..

Heather said...

Isn't it great? I got mine for a Christmas gift from my did he know I would love it? Happy taping!