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Monday, August 20, 2007

back in the saddle again.

i've posted before about my recent affair. with all of our traveling this summer i thought that the attraction would maybe fade. but actually the opposite occured... i came back almost craving to ride. little O is finally big enough to ride in a trailer, so now the kids can come along. this means i get to actually ride OUTSIDE on the pavement, instead of inside on a trainer! can't wait!


Shaka said...

i love to bike we go as a family often! have fun!

Michelle said...

Biking is such a wonderful thing. Just you and your bike on the open road. My hubbie and I enjoy our Sat. morning bike rides. We do family rides during the week. But Sat. is just us and we like to do at least 40 miles. SO wonderful!!

Ben and Laura said...

I loved the post on the "affair" and laughed so hard!