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Monday, August 6, 2007

design miracle needed.

i have this itty bitty room that needs to be so many different things: a library, sewing room, sitting room, gym, computer room, guest room, craft room & office, just to name a few. okay, so it isn't exactly "itty bitty", it's your normal 8' x 10'... but let me you, these days it feels itty bitty. lately, i just haven't been loving this room. unfortunately i spend more time in it, than any other room in the house. it definitely needs some work... just a little design here, some organization there, a bit of pixie dust & we'd be all set! in my dreams, the fabulous mother daughter duo: marty & marta would show up on my door step and pull my room together in a jiffy. but alas! they are so very far away! so, it looks like i'm on my own in this design endeavor. i don't really think i can put the furniture in any different configurations. it's kinda of a hodge podge of stuff, that doesn't quite fit, but it will have to do. is this too much to ask? total room makeover without even moving the furniture? i'm thinking a drastic change in what's on the walls, could mean the world of difference. but i'm not quite sure what to do. take everything off the walls so it's not so cluttered? maybe a really big letter bin like THIS ONE to keep my papers off the desk. a magnet board & some shelves? heavens! i'm just confusing myself even more! now i know from experience that blog-land is filled with incredibly creative & talented persons... someone must have an idea, or two for me!


ginger said...

My idea is that you and Jeff should move to Indiana. You could have a beautiful, large home, with a separate room for each function that room contains, for about the same price as your home there would sell for! :-)

Mique said...

I have a similar room that i haven't touched yet (we moved 2 months ago)'s our spare bedroom that I want to turn into all that (guest room, craft room, etc, etc). Anyway, I found a letter bin like the one you wanted at Home Goods (is there one in the OC?) on clearnace for $21!!! It's perfect (and not hanging yet!) Also I couldn't find a cork board that I liked so I made one. From a huge black frame with thick molding that I got a Michaels and cork board. Maybe I'll take a pic and's cute. I've also seen some at Home Goods that I like (but they didn't have them when I was looking of course). And I have magnetic paint. You can make a cute magnetic wall/board. Not too tough and I'm sure you would make it look fabulous....just my two cents. Keep us posted on what you do!

Rochelleht said...

Well, you certainly can't go wrong with something from Ballard Designs. I LOVE it!

If you can swing it, you may need to invest in smaller furniture. You can sell what you have and go on a smaller scale. Big furniture in small spaces is the kiss of death.

And if you don't already, store most supplies, etc. out of site. Put them in the closet if you have one. This may eliminate another piece of furniture, too.

Jessica said...

Personally, I would probably rearrange the furniture, but if you aren't keen on that...

Is the chair at the desk pulled from somewhere else in the house? If it's not from a matching set then I would paint it to match the desk. It would blend in and make the desk area seem a little smaller.

I think a more cohesive color scheme would do wonders for you too. I think if the frames for the pieces on the walls all matched and the lampshades were more similar things might look a bit more coordinated.

marta said...

what a compliment.. i truly love your home and wouldn't change it one bit. but if you're thinking you must, i might get some mail holders or cute totes to place piles in.

most importantly, put stuff in there that you love to look at. for me, that would be hanging a bulletin board that i can collage and change around things i am inspired by. buy your favorite painting or quote and hang it near your computer screen. invest in nice desk 'gear' and you'll fall in love with that space all over again!

try to use a new pair of eyes when looking at that room. i read a book that i loved called "Organizing from the Right Side of the Brain: A Creative Approach to Getting Organized" .. it helped me see new ways to change my approach to the home office.

good luck.. and please post the results!

mama jo said...

maybe take the chair out...i know you don't know where to put it...but, it would give extra space....also...what about your idea originally to make you little storage cabinets upstairs a desk?

lainakay said...

The furniture looks cute and I love the built-in! The black frames repeat the black in the chair nicely. I think maybe a fun color on the walls might do the trick. Neutrals are lovely but a red would really pop that white furniture and bookshelf. If you're afraid of too much red in a little space perhaps a white wainscote or a textured red wallpaper would be a nice balance?!? Or choose a different color to play with!

tara said...

I know what it's like to be tired of looking at the same old thing and want a change! You'll have to let us know what you do!

Marty: said...

Are you sure two little boys live there? It looks so neat and clean!

I appreciate the compliment! Moving from a big house to an apartment has taught me a lot about using space well. Here are some ideas:

Just changing my pictures around makes me see them differently and like them again.

I have a big bulletin board in my office that I love. Actually I have three, one above the other, so it covers most of the space from ceiling to floor, on a small wall next to a window. I hang cool maps on it, photos, cute pictures from calendars or that I've cut from books---it's kind of a collage. And I can change the whole look whenever I want to, without any trouble. I think of it as a rotating gallery of favorites.

All the things you love go together, because they express your personality. Take all the accessories (pillows, quilts, pictures, etc.) out. Look at each piece and decide if you really love it or if it's just there because you couldn't figure out where else to put it. The items you love go back in the room, but maybe in a different way. For instance, the quilt could be hung on the wall if it's always been on the couch. Or the lamp could be next to your desk. Take the other stuff to DI because some other young, creative mom will buy it and love it.

I love laying in bed thinking of new ways to redecorate a room! It's the best kind of insomnia there is....have fun!