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Friday, December 14, 2007

the black hole of christmas.

so, i'm trying to be "on the ball" & get all the presents wrapped. for the most part, i've tried to wrap them as i've purchased them, so i don't have a huge pile to do at once... however one or two have slipped by. so, this morning i've been playing catch-up. unfortunately, i've realized that several presents i've bought have disappeared into the black hole of christmas. i've searched high & low, in every spot i can think of, but they are nowhere to be found! am i the only person this happens too? puh-lease! someone out there tell me that the black hole has gobbled up their presents too... i don't want to be the only one affected!


Lynn said...

This happens to Ben's mom all the time. I only lose socks and binkies. :)

Marty said...

I don't lose Christmas presents...I find them. I buy things here and there and don't remember, and then realize I already bought the same thing in November. said...

I have a terrible habit of sticking them places that I think are great places to hide stuff... only to realize that I can not remember where those great places are :o)
Merry Christmas!!
Your etsy store is awesome!!! I have a few things marked for *myself* that I am wanting after the holidays are over :o)