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Wednesday, December 5, 2007

it's a wrap.

so i'm not a "wrapper", no big deal. although, if i could have a set-up like this ONE i just might exchange my bags for lots of pretty rolls. but i definitely don't have that kind of extra space these days (space is a bit of a precious commodity here in our house). so making a gift wrap holder might be a better solution for me. family fun had instructions for THIS handy holder in this months magazine. (just click on picture to enlarge it).

other handy tips:

  • to keep your ribbon from tangling, store it in a sugar dispenser (one of those big glass ones with the silver tops that you always see in restaurants) & pull the ends through the opening in the lid. or you could always just buy THIS one.
  • learn to tie a perfect bow HERE.
  • and for anyone like me, who struggles with just the basics, here is a general HOW-TO.


Lady N said...

great tips! Thanks - I always have trouble with my bows... grrr.

Holly said...

I always admire organized, well-stocked wrapping centers. Mine is such a jumble it's embarrassing! I can dream though. :)

Marty said...

Ribbon holder: Hang a cheap curtain rod (the kind where a skinny wooden pole sits on brackets) at the right height to reach it above the table or desk where you wrap presents. Slide all your spools of ribbon on it and tie a pair of scissors to the rod. Ribbon at the ready!

love.boxes said...

That is very cool. :)