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Sunday, December 16, 2007

ridiculously easy.

seriously, anyone can make these blankets. no sewing experience or "crafty genes" needed. all you need is a couple of hours & some fleece (which just happens to be 50% off at joann's right now), & you've got yourself a blanket. perfect for gifting away, although there's nothing wrong with hording it for yourself! i made several of these a couple years ago for christmas & they were huge hits, i promise! if you like, you can even get fancy... use the "minky" like fabric they sell at joann's for one of the sides. so if you're looking for a slightly last minute gift, or have someone who already "has everything" on your list, make them a blanket. there's absolutely no sewing invovled. (how can you beat that?) they are so easy, you'll want to make more. for directions, go HERE.


Ashlee said...

We've got several of these around as well. Super easy, and so nice to snuggle up in.

Debbie said...

OK - so thanks a I have yet another "project" for craft night! As if the pillow cases weren't enough for me to figure out! About a year or so ago I bought Sam some Cinderella fleece with making a blanket like this in mind - she never wanted me to do anything with it though so she just has a big piece of cut fleece for her blankie - I know, I know, I am a lame-o. After seeing this I think I might have to get that Cinderella fleece fixed up! Thanks for the cute/easy instructions.