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Monday, December 17, 2007

you might think i'm lying,

but it actually gets cold in california during the winter. yep! believe it or not, i'm wearing a sweatshirt & our heater is on as we speak. thus, i felt it was high time to share some of my favorite winter accessories with you. first on the list... fingerless gloves, i'm a total fan. i love the elbow length pairs, they are perfect for 3/4 length t-shirts, short-sleeved jackets, or just about anything. and the bright stripes are perfect for me... they add a bit "pizazz" to my generally boring t-shirt & jean combo. these ones are cute too! but, if you prefer fingers on your gloves, try these. next we have the all-important hat. you can never have too many. that's why i want this one, and this one, this one, and this one too! and finally, the staple that no girl (or woman) should be without... a pashmina. they are so versatile, seriously! they fold up to basically nothing, so you can store it easily in a purse. it can be a wrap (or blanket), but i prefer to wear it as a scarf. all these fun accessories definitely help make going out in the cold a little more bearable.

image via flickr.


ginger said...

I used to freeze my bum off in California too... Always had to have cozy socks on my feet. It is funny how your body adjusts when you move to a colder climate. Indoors, I still get the same amount of cold. Of course, outdoors is a whole other ballgame!

Nadja said...

ok, Kelly, seriously...for the price of that pashmina, I'll send you a whole dozen, at a whole array of colours. It may not be exactly the same fabric weight, but they're wonderful anyway (I own several of them).

I'd be happy to send you some, seriously! Just send me your addy.