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Monday, January 28, 2008

pure genius.

i really should market this idea, because it truly is AMAZING. and don't try to tell me that it's not totally & completely original... my mom & jeff, have already tried to convince me that it's been done before, but i KNOW i'm definitely the first person to every think of it... dr. pepper ice. i used the heart molds that andrea sent me. (by the way, i'm totally loving the good mail! to be honest this was my very first "package" sent to me by someone i don't actually know in real life, outside of swaps. i've received cards & letters before, but never an actual package, specially bundled just for me. yeah! thank you! thank you! thank you! and if anyone else wants to send a package my way... be my guest.) anyway, back to my genius idea. i filled the molds with dr. pepper & put them in the freezer. now i can enjoy an ice-cold dr. pepper, with none of that yucky, watered-down ice effect. i'm telling you, this is going to be my golden ticket. & you can all say you knew me before i became a millionaire.


Liene at Blue Orchid Designs said...

I would buy them - even if I could make them myself. :)

acte gratuit said...

Hi Kelly! Thanks for the comment. I totally agree...if I can't talk about my kids, there's not a whole lot left! I actually feel better after reading all the comments. I was thinking I'd hear a bunch of horror stories, but I haven't, so I guess we're both okay!
Cool blog, btw!
Emily Dub

acte gratuit said...

P.S. I've never done a swap and I've always wanted to. So let me know next time you have one!

Jared and Shannon Allen Family said...

I LOVE DR. Pepper! I have to have my daily intake! I am like you, I get sick of the melted down watery taste and so I love the idea of Dr. Pepper ICE.

You are a genius. Thanks!

Lacie said...

Hey girl,I just sent you an e-mail about the SWAP! (the yahoo account)

Anywhoo! IF (I know it is impossible-)I could mail the DR. Pepper Ice Cubes...I would totally know who would get the "Good Mail"! What a GREAT idea!

gab said...


Andie said...

I'm glad you loved your mail!

I'm off to pour myself some Pepsi heart ice cubes!

As my Boo would say..."Good sinkin"

Dutchnic said...

What a great tip!

Lisa said...

That is genius! I'm thinking of using the real thing for the ice and then putting them with Diet Dr Pepper because as much as they say it's the's not. Thanks for idea!

Mique said...

I'm sold- I'm a DP addict. Anything to feed my addiction. If they made DP IV's I would be in heaven (ok that's a little much but you get the idea).