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Monday, February 25, 2008

playing on my ipod.

me & my nano... we're super tight. we have a standing appointment every morning. but as you know, daily rituals can get boring, even a little stale. in order to spice it up a bit i've added a new song to my play list. although, as i have done in the past, i must first pause for a brief announcement: i think it's imperative that i warn you - i'm not a musical genius. i'm definitely not known for my taste in music, i don't know bands & i'm generally the last to find out about the next big thing. now that you've read the disclaimer... the newest tune to get my toes tapping, my feet racing & my heart pounding is the ting ting's song that's not my name. check out their live performance HERE.


The Grahams said...

I'm always looking for new songs to rock out to while running. Thanks

Shannon Espinoza said...

I like it. Nice beat!

Bridget said...

That has a great running beat. I will have to upload that one. As soon as I get my Nano back to English that is. My 3 yr old somehow got the language option and now everything is in Japanese!