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Friday, March 14, 2008

the bags are packed.

actually, they aren't. i a huge procrastinator. and unless it's last minute, sometimes it's hard for me to get anything done. but, i am pleased to announce that the last of the laundry is being done, so that the bags soon can be packed, & i'm hoping to pack light (we'll see how that goes!). still on the checklist? i must not forget to charge the ipods,
& load some new movies for the kiddos (i love technology! movies on the ipod keep the little ones entertained for hours & i no longer have to lug around a portable dvd player), pick up some new aquadoodles & few other surprises for the plane, & most important - i can not, must not forget the airplane harness. (i don't know if i could travel without it, it definitely helps save my sanity while on an airplane). so what tricks do you have for traveling with kids?

image via flickr.


kristen said...

so where you going?! business or pleasure?!

theespinozafamily said...

Tranquilizers (for me, of course, not the kids)! Just kidding! BE FLEXIBLE and HAVE A BLAST! That's the only thing you can do traveling with small children (even when at their best):)

love.boxes said...

I pack my daughter a small brown bag of little surprises. It cost a few dollars to get a tiny pad of paper, some new crayons and all that, but it saves the sanity and makes it kind of fun for her. And, I tell her before hand.. because we fly all the way across the country when we go.. "It's going to take a whole day" which indeed it does these days. :)

kathi d said...

Getting the iPods ready is one of the most important things we do in preparation for any trip!

Darilyn said...

yeah, where are you going? Have fun wherever you are!

crystal said...

My travel trick: Benadryl.