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Friday, March 14, 2008

my toes are tapping.

i'm loving my most recent playlist... kerry put it together for me last week & i haven't stopped listening to it yet. it's perfect for every occasion. (click on picture to enlarge... you know, so you can actually read the song titles & artists.)


love.boxes said...

Those are all such fun happy one.. or the ones are know are fun happy ones! Another post for the reference file... I'm going to get an Ipod one of these days. :)

shinyruby2 said...

o my - i Love peaking into other people's playlists.. and what a FAB list this is!

RiloKiley, the Shins, Ting Tings and so much more.. I love it, no wonder yr playing it loads : )

Kerry said...

howd you make the itunes pic thing

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