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Thursday, March 27, 2008

if you embarrass easily, don't read.

actually it's really not all that bad... it's more of a case of "tmi" (too much information). but it was funny, so i thought i'd share.

so on our recent vacation, i had my "little friend" came for her "monthly visit". and being me (i blame on being naturally blonde), i didn't even to think to plan for this when packing. (mom & everyone else this is proof that i'm not "announcing" anything. i'm starting to think that either: a) people think i pop out kids like crazy (which is odd, because i only have two), or b) i'm getting a little chunky & everyone's wondering if i'm preggers, or c) people are starting to get ansty & think it's time i was once again "with child". as of late, i've been getting all kinds of comments & side glances. too be honest, i'm not really sure if any of the above choices are good options.) anyway, back to my story... finding myself without "supplies" i had to pop into the hotel commissary to pick up a few necessary items. as the cashier totaled up my items, she cheerfully asked me if i needed anything else - sunblock, something to drink, lots of chocolate? it kinda cracked me up. i'm usually one to embarrass easily. & buying a big old box of "feminine product", poolside with practically everyone in the hotel looking on, was no exception. & for the cashier to announce to anyone who maybe wasn't paying attention, that i was in desperate need of chocolate - i actually thought it was funny. either she has a really good sense of humor, or the hotel has a really good commissions program in place.


Amanda K said...

I found your blog on laurie's comments and just thought that I would stop by. Your blog is really very cute and I loved reading through some of your posts. (I commented here and there)I am going to add you as a daily read... just because I enjoyed your little posts that much! oh.. and I had an experience like yours only I was 13 and it was girls camp and there were NO... flushing toilets. YIKES! and that is when you are scared to even think of "aunt flo" let alone mention her to anyone! LOL!!

Andie said...

On the subject of tmi...And since this is not MY blog... Let me offer you some traveling advice...If you are taking a two week trip to Europe, but do not expect that particular visitor, but you decide to tuck a few precautionary items in your cosmetic case, you know "just in case". Should it turn out that you actually DO need them, FOUR will NOT be enough! Four? Seriously? What was I thinking?

love.boxes said...

Once I was buying tampons and donuts.. The cashier said, "looks like a PMS moment.."

shinyruby2 said...

tehehe i love this. so THAT'S why i love doughnuts ;)

Raesha D said...

What a hilarious post!! And the comments are hilarious too:):) Ah...the life of being a girl. But I'd take it anyday over being a boy and having to deal with having a "you know what":)

crystal said...

What?! You didn't ask for:
* something salty for the salt-craving day
*something chocolate for the choco-crave day
*some hair conditioner for the greasy hair day
*some zit cover-up for the breakout day
*some pamprin for cramps
*some sort of baked goods for the carb-crave day