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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

somewhere over the rainbow.

somewhere over the rainbow
way up high
there's a land that i heard of
once in a lullaby

somewhere over the rainbow
skies are blue
& the dreams that you dare to dream
really do come true

whenever i'm missing the islands (can you believe some lucky people actually get to live there?) anyway, as i was saying... whenever i have a little bit of island fever, i like to play my favorite version of this song over & over. check it out check out HERE. (i'm guessing it'll be on repeat all week long. i'm not quite ready for "real" life.)


love.boxes said...

Kelly, I loved all you photos of your fun trip.. especially the boys with their trucks and the one with their lawn chairs and robes.. Sooo cute! Glad your back and that you had a wonderful time! :)

Natalie* said...

this song IS my favorite song ever - it's amazing where and when it pops up (they used it on ER once) but it always brings me to tears and I have to sing along - I told Jay that if I go first, I want it played at my funeral.

megan said...

I love IZ he is one of my favorites. You are so lucky you get to go to the islands. I will get there someday. It looks like it was the perfect vacation. LUCKY!

The Spilsbury's said...

Kelly: My VERY favorite version of Somewhere Over The Rainbow too!!!!
Listening to IZ is relaxing to me!!!
Glad you are all back safe and sound.
Have a great week.

gab said...

Why am I not in your family? Why am I not on a trip like this? It looks so wonderful!

Steph said...

That's my favorite version too. Sooooooo pretty. I have IZ's best of album and I absolutely love it!

Andrew, Jen, & Taedon said...

Oh I'm so excited to go in May even more!! Looks like you had a wonderful time! Will you please let me know where you stayed that had all those wonderful things for the kids? I need to keep that for future reference!

Traci said...

This is quite a favorite song in our home too! It is played often! It's a great version for sure!

Bridget said...

I am so jealous of your warm sunny trip. Good luck coming back home and adjusting to real life.

tootie said...

Your Hawaii pictures are gorgeous!

My husband and I are going there in May to visit some friends. We can't wait! Your pictures definitely got me counting down the days... :)