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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

impromptu halloween party.

i love get-togethers, gatherings & parties. but i'm no martha stewart. my soirees rarely proper invitations, or even decorations. they're usually spur of the moment events, that just sort of happen. today is an example of such an event. on monday i realized i had wednesday afternoon free. emails were sent & suddenly we had a party on our hands. at this exact moment of life, we are still deciding on menus & activities, but the following are definitely in the running:

veggie skeleton dip
creep crawly drinks
mummy dogs
lollipop cookies
spider pops
mini pumpkins
apple bites
horr-edible hands
pipe cleaner spiders
oragami bats


Midwest Mom said...

What a neat skeleton!

I've also made fingers out of cheese sticks. You just round out the fingertip and make a nailbed with your knife. Cut in some lines for the knuckles, and attach green pepper fingernails with a dot of cream cheese.

The best part was when I attended a family halloween party as a leper... with a plate of fingers.

Yuck. (then the kids ate them... Yum.)


Thanks for the post! -MM

Darilyn said...

I needed an appetizer to take to an adult halloween party this saturday and that veggie skeleton is PERFECT. Thanks for the idea, I'm gonna use it.

mama jo said...

sounds like fun.

* tonya * said...

awww, thanks for adding my skeleton to your list.

Have a great party :)

Shannon said...

that dip is SO CUTE! Bookmarking it! Going to use it at my next Halloween party!

Shannon said...

that dip is SO CUTE! Bookmarking it! Going to use it at my next Halloween party!

C World said...

adorable ideas! those spider pops are sooo cute! what would i do without

Kari said...

Now that is one of the cutest things I've ever seen! I may have to try this. Thanks for sharing, happy Halloween!

Janiece said...

That is the cutest idea!!

jen said...

how cute! it was fun looking at all the different ideas. i like the apples and circus peanuts. yum!

Jon & Heather said...

I love the skeleton dip! i am so doing that when I have a halloween party..........