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Tuesday, May 15, 2007

aren't i lucky?

I absolutely LOVE pictures, who doesn't? But I especially adore pictures of my boys. And although I'd like to consider myself an amateur photographer (I have over 8,000 pictures in my iPhoto Library), I'm the first to admit that photography isn't as simple as point & shoot... there is definitely some talent involved. Unfortunately, taking "beautiful" pictures isn't exactly my strong suit... lucky for me, I found Ana Brandt. Not only does she take amazing pictures, but she is also incredibly creative. She just posted these new pictures she took of my boys to her new blog, so I thought I'd share them too.


Heidi Ballou said...

Just seeing those "multiple" pictures has made my week! (Since my multiples are showing no sign of coming out, I have been pretty down!) Anyway, these were such beautiful pictures, I can't stand it! Does she do "on location"... like in Sandy, Utah?

PS. your boys are so cute! Owen is darling!

Stephanie said...

oh, those are so sweet!

Marty: said...

I love the feet! So cute!

mama jo said...

those are beautiful...they are both sooooo cute

Jessica said...

I love the picture of their tootsies! Simultaneously adorable and artsy.

love.boxes said...

beautiful. :)