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Thursday, October 25, 2007

have you met my friend...

jessica? she makes and sells the most beautiful jewelry over at lost button studio, not to mention, she is dang nice. what qualifies her as being not only nice, but dang nice, you ask? she sent me the most wonderful little thank you for hosting this. (i really should follow her example, all i've managed to send has been an email to my recent swap hosts!) anyway, you can only imagine my surprise when the post man brought me a totally unexpected package, filled with the most beautiful & incredibly delicate earrings. talk about good mail! thank you jessica, you definetly have made my day! although, you may have created an addict... i'm thinking i need THIS & THIS.


Philippa said...

I was lucky enough to be paired with Jessica in the Favourite things swap earlier in the year. She sent me the most beautiful parcel which included a darling necklace and super earrings, which I am now rarely seen without.
Jessica is indeed a very talented and lovely lady.

PS My hunny is still savouring the Saltwater Taffy which was in my parcel. He just loves the stuff. So thank you again Jessica!

Lindsey said...

I LOVE THAT GIRL!!! She is so talented. She's made some pieces for me, too. Not only is she super talented, she's one of the nicest gals I know. We need to keep getting the word out on her fabulous creations.

Jessica said...

Wow, this totally made my day! Thanks so much for all the kind words!

love.boxes said...

Her jewelry is so unique and just lovely.. I think she'll be a big designer someday. She is really nice too!